Ideologies lingüístiques sobre l’estàndard català: una aproximació des de Menorca




linguistic particularism, linguistic secessionisms, standard ideologies, gonelism, corpus planning, standard, critical sociolinguistics


This contribution aims to analyse how the differentialist discourse is disseminated through the written press and to study the different discursive resources that it uses. To do this, firstly, a textual corpus has been created from a series of contributions in a Minorcan newspaper that disseminate differentialist topics, specifically the column «Rallant en pla» [‘Speaking in plain language’]. Secondly, the different contributions have been analysed using Critical Discourse Analysis in order to delimit the main and secondary ideas that support this type of argumentation, as well as the underlying political discourse, which is opposed to language normalization. In this regard, we have also studied how the different ideas are related, as complementary or opposing topics, and how certain data and resources are manipulated. This is, therefore, a further contribution to study linguistic differentialism, following previous related work (Duane, 2017; Boix-Fuster, 2020; Solivellas, 2021), but focused on the analysis of a corpus of opinion articles.






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