Antoni Tàpies i Joan Fuster: pintura i escriptura recíproques


  • Ferran Carbó València



Summary: This work reconstructs and analyses the personal and artistic relationship between Antoni Tàpies and Joan Fuster from documents, paintings and texts of both of them. In fact, the three paintings that Tàpies dedicated – and gave – to Joan Fuster as a present are commented and explained (paintings which can be found in the artistic deposit of the Documentary Fund Joan Fuster in Sueca). Moreover, we will review the different texts that Fuster wrote about Antoni Tàpies or his paintings, and even the presentations and reviews that he did for the Tàpies exhibition in Valencia in 1979. The work also establishes Tapies’ connection with the Valencian Country, expressed by, for example, his participation in the magazine L’Espill, directed by Fuster, in the form of illustrations, or the relationship with the poet Vicent Andrés Estellés, who devoted an ode to the artist, who, in turn, devoted a painting to him. [Keywords: Tàpies and Fuster; relationship; painting and text]