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Vol. 3 No. 2 (2023): periodICON
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periodICON is an open access peer-reviewed online journal dedicated to highlighting the visuality and materiality of periodic print media. We invite research articles of any length and any methodological approach that treat these aspects as constitutive for meaning-making in periodicals of all origins and forms.

Articles published in periodICON address texts in periodicals not as virtual entities, non-sensory, existing in a temporal and spatial void, but as sensory, concrete, tangible objects, used and experienced by reader-viewer-handlers.

periodICON is meant to be a platform for international dialogue on the visual culture of periodicals. We therefore solicit contributions—both shorter and more extensive works in English, German, or French—that deal specifically with the visuality and materiality of newspapers, magazines, part-works, or other periodical publications, from any era or country.

periodICON offers the opportunity to publish articles under quality control, free of charge, and with a larger number of (colour) reproductions of source material than is permissible in many other journals. Illustrations should be an integral part of the argument.

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