Editorial Team

Christian A. Bachmann (Contact)

Christian Bachmann (Ruhr University Bochum) is a postdoctoral researcher of DFG-Research Unit 2288 Journalliteratur, sub-project 6: »New Times. Tempo, Acceleration, and the Pluralisation of Temporal Dimensions in Humorous Picture Stories, Cartoons, and Comics between 1900 and 1930«. Christian Bachmann has published extensively on graphic narrative and visual satire, as well as on the book as a material medium.

Andreas Beck (Contact)

PD Dr. Andreas Beck (Ruhr University Bochum) is head of sub-project 4 »Schema mit Variationen: internationale Layoutstandards und lokale Schrift/Bild-Idiome in illustrierten Journalen 1850–80«, which is part of the DFG-resarch unit 2288 Journalliteratur. His research concentrates, inter alia, on image/text-relationships in the early modern period (emblematics) and in German and French 19th-century illustrated periodicals and books.

Vincent Fröhlich (Contact)
Dr. Vincent Fröhlich is head of sub-project 8 »Seeing Film between the Lines: Remediation and Aesthetics of the Film Periodical« which is part of  the  research  unit Journalliteratur. The project is situated at the Institute for Media Studies at the University of Marburg.


External members of the editorial board are:

Françoise Baillet (Caen)
Maria Damkjær (Kopenhagen)
Thierry Gervais (Ryerson)
Tom Gretton (London)
Madleen Podewski (Berlin)
Mary Shannon (Roehampton)


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