Publication Process

HARM welcomes submissions all year round. Upon submission, the Editorial Team assesses all manuscripts first before proceeding to the next steps.

Manuscripts must follow the HARM Submission Guidelines to successfully go through the publication process without additional delays. Authors will be contacted and given one opportunity to revise their manuscripts if it is not up to standard. Following this, for traditional peer-reviewed articles, HARM will reject, without further consideration, any manuscripts or revisions which do not adhere to the submission guidelines.

For peer-reviewed articles, the Editorial Team will first internally review the submission to determine if the manuscript should be sent for peer-review. For manuscripts that are sent for peer-review, the Editorial Team will assess the reviews and provide feedback to the authors. Where necessary, manuscripts may require further revisions by the author before it is accepted.

The Editorial Team retains final say on the acceptance of a submission for publication.

The infograph below is intended as guidance for authors on HARM’s Publication Process. The infograph is also available for download HERE.