Espais i identitat dels malalts en els casos clínics en català


  • Adéla Kot'átková Castelló de la Plana



Summary: The Clinical Case Report (CCR) is a specialized genre for teaching and research purposes, in which health professionals report the clinical experiences of one or more patients. It is, then, a type of story that contributes to the construction of the identities of healthcare professionals, especially within their professional communities. But these stories also construct an identity of the patients. As in every narrative, in the CCR we find characters, events which they are protagonists of and that affect them, and spaces where they develop. However, unlike any literary text, the CCR is presented as a scientific instrument and, in this sense, it tends to adopt a technical style and, therefore, to limit the identity and spatial details to the minimum necessary to understand the illness and applied therapies. In Catalan, we find good examples of CCR in sectors as diverse as neurology or care for patients with Down syndrome. We will see the treatment of space and how it relates to the patient’s identity. Keywords: clinical case report, healthcare settings, mental health, storytelling, Catalan, spaces, identities, healthcare professionals, patients