Accomplishing Autonomous Driving: An Unfinished Description


  • Göde Both
Keywords: autonomous robotics, test-drives, self-driving cars, technological care, urban automation


In his contribution on Accomplishing Autonomous Driving: An unfinished Description Göde Both stresses the multiplicity of possible answers to what his research object might be: an autonomous or self-driving car and its related practices. Drawing on ethnographic descriptions Both questions the definition of autonomy in this context in which there is a constant oscillation between manual and autonomous driving. This leads to a conceptualization of autonomous driving as a collective achievement of heterogeneous elements. Both thus argues for the multitude of spatial, temporal and personal configurations and distributions across related objects, humans and practices.


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Both, G. (2017). Accomplishing Autonomous Driving: An Unfinished Description. Ethnographies of Objects in Science and Technology Studies, 1, 29–35.