The Things to Come – Introduction

  • Julie Sascia Mewes
  • Estrid Sorensen



Author Biographies

Julie Sascia Mewes
JULIE SASCIA MEWES is a PhD candidate at the Institute for European Ethnology at Humboldt University
Berlin (Germany) with a study on the making of the everyday within psychiatric occupational therapy.
She is particularly interested in how patients are supposed to (re-) gain their ability for an autonomous
and self-sufficient life through the crafting of objects and how ‘the everyday’ is thereby negotiated by
both practitioners and patients.
Estrid Sorensen
ESTRID SØRENSEN is Professor for Cultural Psychology and Anthropology of Knowledge at the Ruhr-
University Bochum (Germany) and the co-leader of the Centre for Anthropological Knowledge in
Scientific and Technological Cultures – CAST.
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Mewes, J. S., & Sorensen, E. (2017). The Things to Come – Introduction. Ethnographies of Objects in Science and Technology Studies, 1, 1-7.
Julie Sascia Mewes & Estrid Sørensen